There are many problems in the food industry and greenhouse horticulture with polluted water. For example with root diseases, viruses, bacteria, algae, crop protection agents and sometimes also fertilizers. There are also various methods for disinfecting and / or purifying water.

 With the B.A.A.S. the water is disinfected and any residues are removed. With the B.A.A.S. complete, is the fertilizer used to purify the water and restore the natural oxygen balance in the water. The B.A.A.S. complete provides oxygen-rich water, thereby creating a situation that stimulates the natural immune system. Biodegradable material from the water is rapidly degraded, which means that less oxygen is used after the purification process. And more oxygen-rich water remains.

With the B.A.A.S. complete, it is ensured that the water offered is purified and can be reused. The B.A.A.S. complete can be placed at or for a UV. It is possible to read the values ​​in a computer. The B.A.A.S. complete treated the water with:

- B.A.A.S.. base


- Ozon

Purifying the water through ozone and LEEGO  Purifying the water through ozone and LEEGO

Aeration of water for the basins.Aerating the water in your basin and killing algae through Sound.Aeration of the water silos for fish farming.