Hydroponics is a combination of fish farm on land, and lettuce growing on water. The "dirty water" of the fish with the manure of the fish herein is used for lettuce cultivation on water. The manure of the fish is broken down via a natural process and converted into usable nutrients for the lettuce. Before the water goes to the lettuce, the nutritional composition is brought to the desired level and composition. For example, the water from fish farming does not have to be discharged into the sewer or surface water, but serves as the basis for lettuce cultivation. This saves on the discharge costs of the fish farm and also a part of the fertilizer costs for the lettuce. For a healthy biological balance in the water of the fish, the H2O Free is used and a B.A.A.S. complete to convert ammonia to nitrate. For lettuce cultivation, an H2O Free is used to keep the biological balance healthy and to kill off harmful bacteria and fungi. Tests have shown that both fish and lettuce meet food safety standards without using plant protection products or antibiotics. Towards a clean and healthy product.

Save to water with purification via H2O LEEGO.   34/5000 Unit for lettuce on water and fish farming.

Water silo with fish farming  Growing trout with the purification via a Biofilter and the LEEGO.

Biofilter with the bio unit